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The Courier, the Norfolk Historical Society's newsletterThe Internet is allowing the Norfolk Historical Society to make historical writings and artifacts related to Norfolk history more widely available.


The Norfolk Historical Society republishes selected essays and articles from The Courier, the society's newsletter.


Norfolk HighlightsThe Norfolk Historical Society has published an online version of George Holbert Tucker's Norfolk Highlights 1584 - 1881. Originally published by the Norfolk Historical Society in 1972 and no longer in print, this book offers an excellent overview of Norfolk's first three centuries.


Still Life of artifacts from the society's collectionThe website also allows the Norfolk Historical Society to offer a virtual museum, making photographs, artifacts, and documents from the society's collection available online.


The winner of the 2006 George Holbert Tucker essay contest is Andrew Michael Leber an 11th grader at Oscar F. Smith High School. His winning essay is titled "The Economic Impact of the Union Occupation of Hampton Roads." (and can be read on-line). Second place was awarded to Jason Robertson of Lakeland High School for "The Impact of the Civil War on Hampton Roads: 1861-1865.” Kathern DeVenuto of Lakeland High School earned third place with "The Impact of the USS Monitor and the CSS Virginia Naval Battle in 1862."



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